Investment View

Analyzing an underlying decision or decision-making process in the context of resources spent and potential gain. The investment view will examine the project or business, taking into account the factors which make an investment attractive. Some investors may look for "value," which they determine by looking at a company’s price-earnings (PE) ratio compared to the industry norm, while others may seek a solid, dividend-yielding stock like General Electric. Of course, as one ages or experiences other material changes in their life, their investment view often changes.

Business decisions could have many different reasons for going ahead, this could include building a brand or reducing potential entrants to the industry, but when an investment view is taken, there will be a more structured look at the cost-return relationship given the time. Having a solid, well-defined investment view can help investors maximize profits by focusing their efforts on investments that they know and understand. At its core, a strong investment view will encompass general things, such as profit potential and risk tolerance, as well as more specific items like preferred industries and/or economic sectors.

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